Viber messaging

More reactions, minimum costs
Sending via the official Viber channel

Messaging from your company's name via the official Viber channel with a minimum charge of 6700 uah/month, which includes an SMS package rate according to your tariff, both service and promotional SMS.

Messaging with the sender's name

The use of an official Viber channel lets you send messages on behalf of a company or the brand. The use of the sender's name increases credibility and customer reaction rates.

The ability to add a company logo

Increase your brand awareness. The use of the logo in Viber messaging increases customer trust and gives more conversions.

Text message up to 1000 characters

It is possible to send more extensive text in a single message via messenger. The price will not increase.


You can attach an illustrated picture with a special offer or product, so it will attract customers' attention. Also, the use of graphic symbols will increase the attention to the message.

A clickable button

You can insert a call to action button to the message. It will direct the customer to your website or the product page. The links and phone numbers will also be clickable.

Start advertising Viber messaging from your personal account

Message delivery
Message delivery
Access to the detailed report
Access to the detailed report
Send out bulk messages with a scheduler
Send out bulk messages with a scheduler
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