Frequently Asked Questions

The service errors

Question: I can't login to the service

  • Verify the correctness of the login, password, the selected keyboard layout, if the Caps Lock is turned on.
  • Try to restart the browser.
  • Try to use another browser.
  • Check if the browser cookies are enabled (if not, enable them). The issue is anyway related to cookie storage. Have a try to clear the cookies in the browser.

Question: What should I do if, after entering the password and trying to navigate to any menu command, the system redirects me to the user login page? On another computer, everything works fine.

Answear: Check if the browser cookies are enabled (if not, enable them). The issue is anyway related to cookie storage. Try to restart the browser.

Question: It doesn't work for me...

Answear: Please carefully read the description of the selected function. If all the requirements are fulfilled, probably some adjustments were implemented, but you are displaying out of date information from your browser's cache. Try to restart the information with abort by pressing the key combination CTRL+F5.

Personal account

Question: How to sign a contract?

Answear: You can sign the contract in the Personal account, in section «Personal Personal Settings » (button «Sign a contract»).

Question: Can I not sign a contract?

Answear: All you need for starting an SMS campaign through our service is to register on the website, the contract is not required.

Question: What to do if I forgot my password?

Answear: You can reset your password on the login page by selecting «Forgot password». In the proposed form, enter your phone number/login that has been used for registration in our service. You will receive an SMS with your registration data.

Question: My password was breached, how to change it?

Answear: You can reset the password to the account on your own. You need to go to «Personal Settings» and click «Change password». Then follow the instructions.

Question: How to change the login?

Answear: Go to the «Personal Settings», and click «Change Login».

Creation and distribution of the SMS campaign

Question: To which mobile operators can I send messages?

Answear: We are currently providing an option for sending messages to all Ukrainian mobile operators.

Question: What are the time limits for sending messages at night?

Answear: Bulk messaging is sent according to curfew from 8 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays and 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekends and holidays. If the messaging for some reason was scheduled at night, it would be delivered after the curfew ends.

Question: Is there a maximum SMS message length?

Answear: Any punctuation marks, spaces, and line feed characters are taken in the message as a single character.

    Every text message can include up to:
  • cyrillic - 70 characters;;
  • latin - 153 characters.

If the message exceeds the mentioned numbers, it is automatically divided into parts, called large SMS. You pay separately for each part.

    A limit for every part of a large SMS message:
  • cyrillic - 67 characters;
  • latin - 153 characters.
(6 bytes are used to transfer technical information)

The mobile operators are not guaranteeing the delivery of large messages!

Question: What happens if any part of a large message will not be delivered to the recipient?


    It depends on the phone model:
  • will be displayed only a part of the message;
  • the recipient will not receive anything at all, but payment will be charged for each part of the message.

Question: What are the possible message statuses and what do they mean?


  • «Delivered» - is assigned to messages when an appropriate report is received from the operator's SMS center.
  • «Sent» - the message is sent to the mobile operator, but not delivered to the recipient, while its delivery time has not yet expired.
  • «Failed» - the message has been sent to the recipient that does not exist, he has been disconnected by the operator, he is blocked for receiving messages (the feature usually applies for the contracts), there are errors in the communication protocol between the recipient's terminal and the operator's base station.
  • «Expired» When you create an SMS campaign, you determine a timeframe for the message to be delivered to the recipient. If it fails during the specified period, it will get the proper status. The main reasons for failure - the recipient is out of network coverage or in roaming (abroad), either activated a call forwarding.
  • «Not enough funds» When you create an SMS campaign, the system verifies the balance for every single message. And if it appears your account has insufficient funds it will get the proper status.
  • «Stopped by user». You stopped the messaging.

Question: I have sent a message, the status shows it was delivered, but I didn't receive anything on my phone.

Answear: The status «delivered» will be assigned to the message after receiving an appropriate report from the operator's SMS center, so it can happen only if there are some bugs in the center.

Question: In the detailed SMS campaign report there is indicated the status «Sent: 59 2.3%», and that number doesn't change for several hours. When will the messages be delivered?

Answear: The status «Sent» is assigned to a message that has been sent to the mobile operator, but not delivered to the recipient and its delivery time has not yet expired.

    The message cannot be delivered to the recipient in cases as follows:
  • the phone is turned off;
  • the recipient is out of network coverage;
  • phone memory is full.

If the message will not be delivered in the specified timeframe, it will get the proper status «Expired».

Question: Why do some messages get the status «Not enough funds», while I have the necessary amount on my balance?

Answear: When you create an SMS campaign, the system verifies the balance. And if you top up your account after you composed it, the balance is not recosted. You need to enter into the report details and do the following operations: «Stop» the messaging and «Resume» it.

Then the system will recalculate the amount including your current balance, but only for those messages that previously had the status «Not enough funds». Then the messaging will be continued.

Question: I have composed a message, but noticed an error. How can I stop the process, so I can edit the text?

Answear: Enter into the report details and click the «Stop» button. All messages that have not been sent by now will change to the «Stopped by User» status and you will get your money back to the balance. It is impossible to adjust the text, the sender number of the message that has already been composed. You need to compose a new SMS campaign.

Question: Why did the deferred messages that should be activated in the specified timeframe failed and are absent in the statistics?

Answear: If there are no messages in the statistics, then they were not composed correctly or were not composed at all.

Work with contacts:

Question: Is there a way to export contacts?

Answear: Yes, you have to move relevant contacts in the selected group, that are the same for all of these contacts.

Question: Is it possible to import contacts directly into the group rather than selecting them for each contact separately?

Answear: All the imported contacts at a time can be added to the selected groups that are the same for all these contacts.

Question: How to add contacts to a personal account?

Answear: To add contacts to the site you go to Contacts, click «Create new Contact» and choose an appropriate way for you: L_LANDING_Dlya_dobavleniya_odnogo_nomera = To add one number - select the section: «To add a contact manually»

  • To add several numbers from a txt or Word file - select the section: Manual entry of several numbers»
  • To add from an Excel file - select: «Contacts from Excel book or text file» (file size should not exceed 5 MB);
  • To add contacts from your Google account - select the section: «Import contacts from Google».

Question: Is it possible to add extra characters when you send a message (e.g. Emoji)??

Answear: When you send messages, it is possible to add special characters. When you create bulk messaging, you need to insert the necessary character in the text message field. Note that one Emoji can be more than 1 character long, when you add it, the program will give you the correct number of characters. If the message will consist of several parts and on the line of these messages, there will be Emoji, the symbol can be transferred to the next message to be correctly displayed. When sending bulk messages with special characters, it is recommended first to send a test message to check the correctness of sending.

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