API: SMS gateway for sending text messages

Save on SMS sending by working with us via the API

You can connect to our SMS gateway and automate the sending of text messages. As a base for an XML message exchange protocol, we chose to use the HTTP/S protocol. A lot of available tools and methods for XML processing and a simple protocol structure make the implementation of the front end accessible to any expert. You can start using our API right after the registration.

SMS-fly API features for the software:

Short Message Service (SMS) to mobile users.Short Message Service (SMS) to mobile users.

Short Message Service (SMS) to mobile users.Receiving the status of sent messages in manual and automatic modes.

Short Message Service (SMS) to mobile users.Checking the current account balance

Connection to our SMS gateway - lets you send bulk messages at a lower price. The price per message for API clients is only 63.9 kopecks!

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Do you want a more favorable price?

- Use the EVOS software: we have provided full support for sending messages via our SMS gateway.

- Connect via the SMPP protocol. For detailed information on connecting and setting SMS API, you can contact our technical experts.

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