Terms of cooperation

Choose the right layout for your business

You send bulk messages to your clients

The clients provide you their mobile phone database, make up a text, and you send it out. In this case, you just need to register with our service and sign a commercial agreement to have a cumulative discount. Then you can get started. You decide on a price, as the client settles accounts directly with you. You just pay for the messages you need for work.

You want to connect to a reliable messaging service

You want to lease our web interface

If you want to allow your clients to send messages on their own at your rates, we could also help you with that. We will lease our web interface and adapt it for you: will register a new domain (of your choice) and will change the text on the Web pages to the one you will provide. We will set the prices on the site that you deem appropriate, will add the contacts of your sales department, technical support, and hotline. Payment systems will adapt to your bank details. So you get a running business that will bring you a good return. The cost for the project start-up is minimal: you only pay for the use of the domain name, it's about 100uah per year. There is no charge for the interface rent! Your clients settle accounts directly with you, you just pay us for the messages you need for work.

You need technical support for your clients or need to arrange payments, account maintenance, tax payments, etc.

You want to have your own web interface, to sell messaging services, but you are unable or unwilling to form your own technical support service, open a bank account for payments, do bookkeeping, etc. We offer you our services.

There is a prerequisite for signing a Dealer Agreement, to repurchase 100,000 messages. They are deposited into the Dealer's Personal Account.
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